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Current Hot Issues

Getting rid of nuisance birds (pigeon, gulls, etc)

Bird droppings pose a significant risk to health and safety as well as being unsightly and more work for your cleaner to remove. Do you wish there was a magical cure?

There is!

Our Bird Free Fire Gel is a proven bird deterrent product that gets rid of problem birds virtually instantly and does so without harming them.

Used by businesses and governments worldwide, the product has now been thoroughly tested and proven in the UK and has already become the Bird Deterrent of choice for many local authorities and businesses. 

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How to prevent avoidable accidents

Preventing the occurrence of avoidable accidents is a key issue for schools, because not only does it protect their pupils, staff and visitors from a potentially traumatic experience,

...but it also protects the school against possible "No Win - No Fee" court cases brought about by injured parties.

With over 40,000 recorded finger trapping accidents requiring hospital treatment every year, closing doors present a real risk.

...but fitting genuine FingerPro hinge cavity protectors will completely eliminate the risk to your pupils, staff and visitors.

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Roller Barrier the Safe Anti-climb Barrier

Keeping intruders or vandals out of restricted areas or off of low or flat roofs is a problem.

Traditional solutions such as fitting anti-climb spikes to wall, fence and gate tops are however not suitable for use in all locations, ...which is why Roller Barrier was developed.

Proven effectiveness in challenging environments such as drug rehabilitation centres, secure medical facilities and schools, coupled with the elimination of impalement risk to pupils or other climbers, are just a couple of reasons why many UK local authorities now specify Roller Barrier as the anti-climb system of choice for use in schools.

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