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Friday 11th September 2020

How Our Customers Use Their Tote Trays

Our versatile tote trays are familiar to many people from airport security checks where they are used to contain traveller’s personal belongings while undergoing security screening before embarcation. But there are now many more environments in which our wonderfully versatile tote trays are relied upon. Tote trays are often subjected to heavy-duty usage but our customers know they can rely on the quality of our products and our tote trays are built to withstand the rigours of frequent daily use.

Thursday 3rd September 2020

Big Boy Ground Anchor Achieves Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond

Insight Security is proud to announce that our Big Boy Motorcycle Ground Anchor has achieved the coveted and highly stringent Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond certification, the highest possible motorcycle rating, making it a leader in the field of motorbike security. Designed and developed here at Insight Security, this is an exceptional achievement from the team who have used their combined experience and expertise to develop and refine the Big Boy ground anchor, enabling it to withstand the most arduous, destructive testing from the Sold Secure test laboratories.

Thursday 16th July 2020

How to Prevent E-Bike Theft

The Coronavirus lockdown and the recommendation that we avoid public transport has prompted many of us to hop on our bikes. But researchers at the University of Leeds’ Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions (Creds), report that the greatest impact on emissions will come from the use of electrically assisted bicycles outside urban areas.

The global e-bike market is projected to grow from and estimated $21.1 billion in 2018 to reach $38.6 billion by 2025 as the popularity of electric bicycles soars. This is underpinned by people’s need to safely get back to work while avoiding unnecessary contact with others, along with their desire to do something positive for the environment by not using their cars.

Wednesday 10th June 2020

Developing Our Green Credentials

Over recent years the impact that human activity is having on our natural environment has become starkly apparent. Global warming is happening at a worrying pace and overwhelming evidence shows that humans are the root cause. We are continuously seeing record breaking temperatures, extreme weather changes and rising sea levels as the polar ice caps melt. One of the main contributing factors to the deterioration of our natural environment is corporate pollution. Many businesses have huge carbon footprints and create enormous quantities of corporate waste. But most forward-thinking organisations are now taking steps to reduce the impact that their operations are having on our world.

Here are some of the green initiatives that we’ve implemented here at Insight Security which we hope will inspire others to do what they can to reduce their environmental impact and implement environmentally sustainable business practices.

Tuesday 27th August 2019

Introducing the Big Boy Ultra-Tough Ground Anchor

The new BigBoy Heavy Duty Ground Anchor from Insight Security will accommodate security chains of all sizes up to and including our Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold 19mm Protector Security Chains, providing an ultra-tough lock point for Motorbikes, ATVs and other valuable equipment and making it every Bikers "Must Have" - the true Bikers Friend!