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News for May 2020

Friday 1st May 2020

Insight Security Videos Not to Miss

Here at Insight Security we are entirely focused on customer satisfaction which we consistently achieve by carefully selecting and offering only the highest quality security products and solutions at affordable prices whilst providing our clients with free, expert advice. Our Youtube video channel offers practical guidance in non-technical, plain English that helps people determine whether various security products are right for their needs and avoid wasting money on sub-standard products which don’t perform as required.

Here are just a handful of our videos, some of which are presented by our expert managing director, Ivor Blatchford. Remember that if you have any questions regarding products or how to deal with your own, specific security challenges don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01273 475500 - we are always happy to help.

Friday 8th May 2020

Why Non Aggressive Anti Climb Devices Are Important

Devising and implementing rigorous anti climb precautions can be enormously challenging. Context and specific requirements must always be considered as there is no ‘one size fits all’ anti climb solution that will be effective in all situations. For example, the need to prevent children from climbing fencing along a busy railway line is a lot different from the need to deter potential intruders from scaling walls and fences around a ministry of defence property.

It’s necessary to be aware of the variety of anti climb devices available today, how they work and where they are most effectively employed. In many situations it’s vitally important that anti climb precautions are entirely non-aggressive in both functionality and appearance.


Friday 29th May 2020

The Importance of Physical Key Management

The Coronavirus crisis has sparked a worrying rise in cybercrime, prompting many enterprises to focus their attention on cyber-security and what they need to do to protect themselves. But it’s also important that businesses and organisations don’t overlook the need for rigorous physical security measures as well. It’s vitally important to recognise the importance of the physical keys used to lock buildings, secure spaces and valuable assets. These keys are equally as important as the protected resources and should therefore be afforded the same level of care and attention. Organisations need to appreciate the very significant operational security risks that can arise if physical keys are improperly managed.

Clearly defined policies to ensure mechanical keys are carefully looked after and cannot be duplicated without appropriate authorisation are essential. Creating and implementing physical key control policies and procedures is an important aspect of mechanical key management.