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News for October 2020

Thursday 1st October 2020

How Roller Barrier Prevents Damage from Free Runners

A recent, worrying story in the Brighton Argus newspaper has highlighted the dangers of Parkour or Free Running. The report focuses on video, shared from the TikTok social media platform, that shows a young man leaping from a 5 storey rooftop to an adjacent building. One of the shared videos presents the daredevil leap in slow motion, recorded from ground level, underneath the jumper. It is noted that a warning notice stating: “The action in this video could result in serious injury” has been presented along with one of the shared video clips.

Thursday 8th October 2020

Why You Need Weatherproof Padlocks

As the summer, if you can call it that, draws to a close the autumn weather reminds us of what’s to come. British winters are tough, especially up north. Temperatures plummet, winds achieve hurricane speeds and the rain becomes almost permanent. Everything that we leave outdoors must contend with these arduous weather conditions, including the padlocks we use to secure our outbuildings, sheds, gates and valuables.

Thursday 15th October 2020

Essential Metal Processing Terminology

If you take a look at the products available from our online store you’ll see many references to various types of steel, other metals such as zinc and nickel alongside metal processes such as hardening and tempering. This terminology can be bewildering so in this post we aim to provide clear and understandable descriptions and definitions that will help you understand the attributes of the high quality security products we provide to our clients.