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News for February 2021

Wednesday 3rd February 2021

How to Protect Solar Panels from Birds

Rooftop mounted solar panels are everywhere these days as businesses and homeowners strive to use sustainable solar technology to generate the electrical power we all need. Solar energy is a clean, efficient power source which is exactly what’s required to combat climate change. But solar panels are not only an excellent, sustainable source of energy, they are also recognised by birds as effective shelters and nesting spaces which is becoming an increasingly challenging problem.

Friday 12th February 2021

Garden Fences - What You Need to Know

Our property boundaries and fences are, for most of us, the first line of defence against unwanted intruders. To keep people and animals out we might want to erect higher fences, heighten existing fencing or maybe install anti-climb devices. Garden fences are a well known cause of disputes between neighbours so in this post we aim to clarify the UK laws regarding garden fencing and provide some guidance that will hopefully help maintain good neighbourly relations.

Thursday 18th February 2021

Anti Climb Paint Essential for Property Security

Vandalism, metal theft and security challenges at our valuable heritage sites and museums have prompted police forces and security professionals to remind people of what they need to do to keep their properties safe. Many of our museums, galleries and other public buildings are understaffed due to the COVID-19 pandemic making them attractive targets for thieves. And the cost of burglaries from these valuable institutions, combined with the impact of the pandemic, can potentially be disastrous.

Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Security Metal Detectors for Brighton Vaccination Centre

Insight Security is very proud to be supporting the Brighton COVID-19 vaccination centre at the Brighton Centre by supplying 8 x Garrett PD6500i walkthrough metal detector arches for security screening. Residents and health care staff have been receiving their immunisation injections since January 25th when the vaccination centre, the largest in Sussex, officially opened.

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